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Fruit FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

About Us:
What is the “Mango Farm” and who are you?
We are California Exotic Specialty Fruits. We have been here since 1981 in Fallbrook, California. Our Mango Farm is just a portion of our entire Exotic Fruit Grove. Our property is 10.36 aches. We are exotic fruit growers who live & work here full-time.

What kind of growers are you?
We are Conventional Growers. That means we prune our trees and set them into dormancy, once they are dormant, we fertilize and they set a bloom. We do not use sprays. We do use fertilizers one time a year to get a bloom. Atemoyas and cherimoyas are Hand Pollenate Each & Every Flower to get a commercial crop. We Really Are Hand Grown. Each & Every Fruit is Cared For & Tended by Hand from Planting, to Fertilizing, Pruning & Shaping of Trees, Hand Removal of Insects, Use Of Beneficial Insects (we love bees) & Organic Pest Control.

About Mangoes:
When do you have Baby Green Mango Available?
Each year is different depending on seasonal behaviors and climate. This Year (2017) Our Mango Season Should Start around Mid June or July and Lasts until November or December (2017).

About Shipping & Picking Up:
Sorry… no mail order/shipping until further notice

About Other Fruits:
Cherimoya and Atemoyas:
We Hand Pollenate Each & Every Flower. We do not ship these fruits. They are available to come, pick, and buy at the Grove. They are available between November through April, depending on seasonal and climate conditions. We sell cherimoya wholesale and retail. Please call during our season for prices.

Passion Fruit:
Depending on seasonal and climate conditions, these are available between June and July. When available, passion fruit may be picked here at the Grove for $4.00 pound.

Guava season runs from November to Mid April, depending on seasonal and climate conditions.
We have Asian Gauva called “Bangkok Apple.” They are yellow, hard seeded and sweet. Pungent and fantastic! For $4.00 a pound, you can pick your own guava, 5 pound minimum per touring adult. Or $3.00 per pound, 5 pound minimum for Pick Up Only.
Rarely do we have Hawaiian Pink Guavas, but they are few and far between. These Guavas are $5.00 per pound. We will pick these for you or you can take a tour to pick them.

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