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Valencia Pride Mangos

The fruit have a sigmoid shape that is long and slender, with a rounded base and rounded apex, and a large apical beak. The fruit is quite large and averages well over a pound at maturity, sometimes reaching 2 pounds. The skin is yellow with much of it typically covered in brilliant crimson blush. The flesh is yellow, nearly fiberless, firm and juicy, with a sweet flavor and aroma.[7] It contains a mono embryonic seed in an elongated husk.

The ‘Valencia Pride’ mango is a named late season mango cultivar that originated in south Florida. ‘Valencia Pride’ trees are very vigorous growers and have a reputation as being among the fastest growing of the Florida mangoes. The trees are capable of growing in excess of 50 feet in height if left unpruned, with large, open, and spreading canopies.

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